Annatto, Bixin, Norbixin

E Number E160b
Name Annatto, Bixin, Norbixin
Class Colours
Additional details Red color
Origin Natural
Common sources Bixa orellana L. seeds
Common applications Butter, margarine, breakfast cereals, ice creams, sweets, caramels, creams, candies, cheeses, charcuterie
Observations No adverse effects were observed. Allergic reactions may occur in sensible persons.
Evaluation Innocuous

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Conditions of use in food categories

Category Number Category Name Maximum Level (mg/l or mg/kg as appropriate) Details Restrictions/exceptions
01.4 Flavoured fermented milk products including heat-treated products10 
01.7.2 Ripened cheese15only ripened orange, yellow and broken-white cheese
01.7.2 Ripened cheese50only red Leicester cheese
01.7.2 Ripened cheese35only Mimolette cheese
01.7.3 Edible cheese rind20 
01.7.5 Processed cheese15 
01.7.6 Cheese products (excluding products falling in category 16)15only ripened orange, yellow and broken-white products
02.1 Fats and oils essentially free from water (excluding anhydrous milkfat)10only fats
02.2.2 Other fat and oil emulsions including spreads as defined by Regulation (EC) No 1234/2007 and liquid emulsions10excluding reduced fat butter
03 Edible ices20 
05.4 Decorations, coatings and fillings, except fruit based fillings covered by category 4.2.420only decorations and coatings
06.3 Breakfast cereals25only extruded puffed and or fruit-flavoured breakfast cereals
06.6 Batters20only batters for coating
07.2 Fine bakery wares10 
08.2.3 Casings and coatings and decorations for meat20 
09.2 Processed fish and fishery products including mollusks and crustaceans10only smoked fish
14.2.6 Spirit drinks as defined in Regulation (EC) No 110/200810only liqueurs
14.2.8 Other alcoholic drinks including mixtures of alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks and spirits with less than 15 % of alcohol10only alcoholic drinks with less than 15 % of alcohol
15.1 Potato-, cereal-, flour- or starch-based snacks10excluding extruded or expanded savoury snack products
15.1 Potato-, cereal-, flour- or starch-based snacks20only extruded or expanded savoury snack products
15.2 Processed nuts10only savoury-coated nuts
16 Desserts excluding products covered in categories 1, 3 and 410