Citric acid

E Number E330
Name Citric acid
Class Others
Groups Group I
Additional details Antioxidant, flavor regulator, acidity regulator, acidulants
Origin Natural or synthetic
Common sources citric fruits extraction
Common applications Juices, refreshments, tonic and gaseous drinks, vegetable drinks, sauces, snacks, meat products, fish, beers, olives, caramels, pastry, biscuits, sandwiches, ham, mustard, candies, yogurts, gelatins, marmalade, shakes
Observations No adverse effects were observed
Evaluation Innocuous

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Conditions of use in food categories

Category Number Category Name Maximum Level (mg/l or mg/kg as appropriate) Details Restrictions/exceptions
01.7.1 Unripened cheese excluding products falling in category 16quantum satisonly mozzarella
01.7.4 Whey cheesequantum satis 
02.1 Fats and oils essentially free from water (excluding anhydrous milkfat)quantum satisexcept virgin oils and olive oils
04.1.2 Peeled, cut and shredded fruit and vegetablesquantum satisonly refrigerated unprocessed fruit and vegetables ready for consumption and prepacked unprocessed and peeled potatoes
04.1.3 Frozen fruit and vegetablesquantum satis 
04.2.3 Canned or bottled fruit and vegetablesquantum satis Compote, excluding products covered by category 16quantum satis Extra jam and extra jelly as defined by Directive 2001/113/ECquantum satis Jam, jellies and marmalades and sweetened chestnut puree as defined by Directive 2001/113/ECquantum satis Other similar fruit or vegetable spreadsquantum satis 
05.1 Cocoa and chocolate products as covered by Directive 2000/36/EC5 000 
06.4.1 Fresh pastaquantum satis 
06.4.3 Fresh pre-cooked pastaquantum satis 
08.1.2 Meat preparations as defined by Regulation (EC) No 853/2004quantum satisonly gehakt and prepacked preparations of fresh minced meat
09.1.1 Unprocessed fishquantum satis 
09.1.2 Unprocessed molluscs and crustaceansquantum satis 
11.4.1 Table-top sweeteners in liquid formquantum satis 
11.4.2 Table-top sweeteners in powder formquantum satis 
11.4.3 Table-top sweeteners in tabletsquantum satis 
13.1.1 Infant formulae as defined by Commission Directive 2006/141/EC (18)quantum satis 
13.1.2 Follow-on formulae as defined by Directive 2006/141/ECquantum satis 
13.1.3 Processed cereal-based foods and baby foods for infants and young children as defined by Commission Directive 2006/125/EC (19)quantum satisonly processed cereal-based foods and baby foods, only for pH adjustment
13.1.4 Other foods for young childrenquantum satis 
14.1.2 Fruit juices as defined by Directive 2001/112/EC and vegetable juices3 000 
14.1.3 Fruit nectars as defined by Directive 2001/112/EC and vegetable nectars and similar products5 000 
14.2.1 Beer and malt beveragesquantum satis