E Number E553b
Name Talc
Class Others
Groups Silicon dioxide — silicates
Additional details Anti-caking agent
Origin Natural
Common sources
Common applications White rice
Observations May lead to stomach cancer
Evaluation To avoid

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Conditions of use in food categories

Category Number Category Name Maximum Level (mg/l or mg/kg as appropriate) Details Restrictions/exceptions
05.3 Chewing gumquantum satis 
06.1 Whole, broken, or flaked grainquantum satisonly rice
08.1.2 Meat preparations as defined by Regulation (EC) No 853/2004quantum satisonly surface treatment of sausages
08.2.1 Non-heat-treated processed meatquantum satissurface treatment of sausages
08.2.2 Heat-treated processed meatquantum satissurface treatment of sausages only