Dimethyl polysiloxane

E Number E900
Name Dimethyl polysiloxane
Class Others
Additional details Antifoaming, coating agent
Origin Synthetic
Common applications Vegetable oils, fried products, juices, nectars, soft drinks, marmalade, creams, milk in powder, wine and liquors.
Observations May cause kidney, liver and nervous system disorders and even allergies. May be carcinogenic due to the presence of vestiges of asbestos and formaldehyde
Evaluation To avoid

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Conditions of use in food categories

Category Number Category Name Maximum Level (mg/l or mg/kg as appropriate) Details Restrictions/exceptions
02.1 Fats and oils essentially free from water (excluding anhydrous milkfat)10only oils and fats for frying
02.2.2 Other fat and oil emulsions including spreads as defined by Regulation (EC) No 1234/2007 and liquid emulsions10only oils and fats for frying
04.2.3 Canned or bottled fruit and vegetables10 Jam, jellies and marmalades and sweetened chestnut puree as defined by Directive 2001/113/EC10 Other similar fruit or vegetable spreads10 
05.2 Other confectionery including breath refreshening microsweets10 
05.3 Chewing gum100 
05.4 Decorations, coatings and fillings, except fruit based fillings covered by category 4.2.410 
06.6 Batters10 
12.5 Soups and broths10 
14.1.2 Fruit juices as defined by Directive 2001/112/EC and vegetable juices10only pineapple juice and Sød … saft and sødet … saft
14.1.4 Flavoured drinks10 
14.2.3 Cider and perry10excluding cidre bouché