Number Name
0 All categories of foods
01 Dairy products and analogues
01.1 Unflavoured pasteurised and sterilised (including UHT) milk
01.2 Unflavoured fermented milk products, including natural unflavoured buttermilk (excluding sterilised buttermilk) non-heat-treated after fermentation
01.3 Unflavoured fermented milk products, heat-treated after fermentation
01.4 Flavoured fermented milk products including heat-treated products
01.5 Dehydrated milk as defined by Directive 2001/114/EC
01.6 Cream and cream powder
01.6.1 Unflavoured pasteurised cream (excluding reduced fat creams)
01.6.2 Unflavoured live fermented cream products and substitute products with a fat content of less than 20 %
01.6.3 Other creams
01.7 Cheese and cheese products
01.7.1 Unripened cheese excluding products falling in category 16
01.7.2 Ripened cheese
01.7.3 Edible cheese rind